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Policy Type

What type of cover do you require?

Which Policy Type?

Single Trip
Great value holiday and travel insurance for a one-off trip up to 365 days anywhere in the world.

If you are taking more than one trip over the next 12 months, the annual multi trip policy provides protection for all your trips over the next year up to the trip length selected.

Departure and Return Dates

Departure Date

Return Date

Maximum Trip Length

  • The trip length selected is the maximum duration of any trip taken during the period of insurance.
  • Trips taken during the period of insurance with durations greater than the trip length selected will not be covered.
  • The maximum trip lengths available will depend on the travellers age.
Cancellation cover is only effective from the date your policy starts, so please enter the date from when you want cover to start.


Where are you travelling to?

Please note that it may be cheaper to select individual countries than regions

Please list all countries you are travelling to:

Please select the travel region you are travelling within:

If you are unsure which region to select please click on the "Which region" button and then on the region
The list of countries by region will appear.
Which region?

Please select the travel region you are travelling within.

If you are unsure which region to select please click on the "Which region" button and then on the region
The list of countries by region will appear.
Which region?

Eligibility Statement

In order to make getting a quote as simple as possible, please can you confirm that any traveller intending to be covered by this policy is:

  • A UK resident (A UK resident is a person whose main home is in the UK, is registered with a UK doctor and is liable to pay taxes in the UK. You must have been resident in the UK (including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) for at least 12 months at the time of buying the policy.
  • Travelling from and returning to the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.
  • Unaware of any reason why you may have to cancel or cut short your trip.
  • Not participating in or practicing any professional sports or professional entertainment
By selecting YES, you are confirming that the above statement applies to anyone wishing to travel on this policy.

This policy does not cover anyone intending to travel in the following circumstances:

  • Travelling against medical advice or against any health requirements stipulated by any carrier or public transport provider.
  • Travelling with the intention of obtaining medical treatment or consultation abroad.
  • Who has been diagnosed by a medical practitioner as suffering from a terminal illness.
  • Awaiting test, results, consultations or investigation for any undiagnosed medical condition.
  • Who is already travelling at the time of purchase (except where renewing an existing Annual Multi Trip policy)
By selecting NO, you are confirming that the above statements do not apply to anyone wishing to travel on this policy.


Please complete the details for all travellers

How many travellers do you need cover for?

Please enter the details of the policyholder

First Name Surname Age  

Address Details

Company Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3
Town County Postcode

Medical Conditions

Trip Options

Do you need additional cover?

Travel Disruption Cover

Much like package holidays being protected by the tour operator, this cover has been specifically designed to protect the independent traveller. Volcanic ash clouds are just one of the things that can cause disruption to holiday plans. Add Travel disruption cover to protect flights, accommodation car hire or excursions against losses that cannot be recovered from the airline or accommodation providers, including Missed connecting flights, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advising against travel due to safety concerns or the insolvency of the accommodation provider
Please note the Travel Disruption cover will not cover your unused travel costs if:
      • Your scheduled airline or other public transport provider goes bust
      • You have purchased your trip using timeshares or holiday property bond schemes

Travel Disruption Cover - more info

Winter Sports

This will cover you for winter sports such as skiing, snow boarding & ice skating. In addition it also provides cover for up to £500 for your own ski equipment or £250 for hired equipment. Accidental Damage is excluded for clothing and ski equipment whilst in use. Any ski equipment over 5yrs old is not covered, if a claim is made a deduction for wear, tear and depreciation applies for equipment under 5 years old.

Winter sports activities covered - more info

Cruise Cover Benefits Extension

(For cruises over 5 days in duration) Add this cover option to increase your baggage and personal effects from £1,500 to £2,500 and any one single article limit to £750, valuables to £500, £25 for every pre-paid shore trip missed, £15 for each 24 hours you are confined to your cabin. EXCLUDING- Valuables are not covered unless they are in a locked safe, deposit box or locked accommodation.

Cruise Cover Benefits Extension - more info

Golf Cover

Add this cover option if you will be playing golf during your trip and would like to insure your golf equipment up to £1,000. Cover for your green fees is also included up to £75 per day and a maximum of £300. EXCLUDING Accidental Damage is excluded for golf equipment whilst in use. If a claim is made a deduction for wear, tear and depreciation applies.

Golf Cover - more info

Sports and Activities

Do you need cover for sports and activities on your trip?

We provide cover for a wide range of sports and activities you may wish to complete on your travels, many of which are covered as standard with many additional sports and activities available for an additional premium by selecting Yes. Please ensure you include all activities you may wish to complete to ensure you are adequately covered. Participation in or practice of any professional sports or professional entertaining is not covered.

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